Apple and Banana

Find out what’s on your baby’s mind! 

      Every parent keeps their ears open for the magical day when their little one utters his or her first recognizable word. In the meantime, we all relay on the cute cooing or the sweet smile or the loud cry or the desperate scream to understand what he or she is trying to say. Gestures and nonverbal sounds function as your child’s means of communication. It is his or her first language before the spoken word. These facial expressions, body movements and sounds are precursors for baby sign language. Baby sign is a great way for parents to bond with their children as well as to ease their frustration.  It is a perfect introduction to a lifelong communication that occurs between parent and child.

I was compelled to write this tonight, despite it being late and me being tired. I had to share my joy as a mom when my dear Micah signed back two words that I would randomly teach him during meal time. I started signing with Micah when he was 3 months old. I knew at that time he wouldn’t respond but I just did it anyway. (Please know that I did not know how to sign prior to having Micah. I just knew the alphabet and the potty sign. I read books, had flash cards and recorded Signing Time on TV so I can watch it during my free time.) But because I wanted him to learn how to communicate with me when the time came, I kept signing words as we went along. We even went to signing classes while we were in Manila. At 8 months, Micah signed milk for the first time. I was very excited! It encouraged me a lot and my sweet husband joined in the signing wagon! He started watching Signing Time with me and he would go through the flash cards while he ate breakfast right before he went to work. From milk to more, light to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, from bath and water, to signing 3 Little Ducks as we sang the song, words just kept coming. We found ourselves looking through flash cards and watching Signing Time on Saturdays to learn more signs to keep up with all the words he can learn.

Today, as Micah and I went through the fruit aisle at the local grocery store to gather our list of fruits, he started signing apple as I picked one up. He kept signing as I added more into the bag. He popped the banana sign as we walked by the banana stand. He signed want because I didn’t get the bananas. (They were too ripe.)  He looked at me as I got strawberries, unfortunately I didn’t know what the sign for strawberry was. I know it was just 2 new signs today but I was so encouraged because sometimes, I do feel like he is not learning anything and I will just wait till he can speak for him to communicate with me. But God in His sweet way encouraged me to keep signing because it is paying off.  I came home and tried learning how to sign grapes, avocadoes and strawberries. The veggies will come next. Micah is now able to sign please and thank you, ask for water, he asks us to come, let me know he is sleepy and wants to go to bed, play ball and other random simple words. From mealtime, to bath time, to playtime, to bedtime, Micah is able to let us know his needs using the signs he knows. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes, screaming is still involved but equipping him with the appropriate signs allows us to understand him the next time he may need or want something. He politely signs “please water” during meal time when he would like a glass of water or he would say yes or no when he is asked to make a choice.

We were in Cabo, Mexico last week for a family vacation and my in-laws were so impressed with how many words Micah could sign. They started learning some and by the end of the week, they were signing too. It was neat to see them want to communicate with their grandson.

Would signing interfere with a child’s speech development, a lot of parents ask? No. In fact, the opposite is true. It actually improves your child’s language and vocabulary. It enhances the language and not replace it.   Signs allow your child to make the connection between the spoken word and the gesture.  In time, your child will say the word or sign it while you say it. As your child’s spoken vocabulary grows, you can stop signing those words. However, you may still want to add signs to the new words you introduce. Although your child may be pronouncing certain words while signing, sometimes only one consonant or one syllable is clear. This is why modeling the sign is still useful—it will help you figure out what he is trying to say! Micah says “wawa” for water. We didn’t know what “wawa” meant but when he signed water right after, we figured it out!  Now, we know that “wawa” is water.

Top 10 Baby Signs Tips

(I’ve gathered these from book and personal experience; feel free to add more if you have any!)

1. Be patient and persistent! It takes a few months for your infant to sign his or her first one.

*It took me 8 months to get Micah to sign milk and more.

2. Get your child’s attention before you sign. If he is not looking at you, don’t sign. You are wasting your time.

3. Start with simple words or words your child can relate to: milk and more (It worked for us!) please and thank you, eat, water, light, cheese and bye-bye. You can eventually add to the list as you go on. As you both get more comfortable signing, you can add more words to the list especially those that interest him or her.

*Micah loves to drink milk and he loves to eat so milk and more worked quite well for us. He likes cheese a lot so he picked that up quickly too. My in-laws have a dog named Oreo. Whenever Micah would hear the word Oreo or dog or even see a picture of a dog, he would sign “dog”.  Now that Micah is interested in cars, trucks and balls, he has learned the signs for these as wel

4. Pair each spoken word with a sign and REPEAT it!

*Each time he asks for something, we sign please and say the word please, now he understands that he has to sign please when he asks for something. (repetition is highly encouraged!) Consistency is key!

5. Pay attention to your child.

*Sometimes your baby will create a variation of a sign, so just be flexible and follow your baby’s lead. It’s not as important to do the correct sign as it is to convey the correct message.

*The sign for water is a W and going to your mouth, Micah’s version is only the pointer finger to his mouth because he can’t form the W with his 3 fingers yet. Once you start becoming familiar with your child’s signs, you will be able to determine what he or she is trying to tell you.

6. Praise your child’s first attempts, this encourages him or her to continue to sign to you!

*I was shocked when Micah signed apple today at the store and I clapped and hugged him excitedly! He smiled and did it again as I placed the apples inside the bag. As I excitedly shared it with Chris, Micah pointed to the apple and signed it again for daddy! (daddy’s heart melted!)

7. Sign during daily routines and playtime (and anytime you know the sign for a word)

*Because I sign sleep and bed to him as I say, “Micah it’s time to go to sleep in your bed.”, he started signing sleep and bed when he got tired and wanted a nap during the day. He would even sign bed when he sees his bed.

8. Make signing fun!

Sign with your body, his body, with the doll’s or the teddy! Be creative and laugh while you are signing. Singing helps a lot especially when the words are repetitive. Make it interactive, engaging and exciting!

9. Get the whole family involved!

*You don’t have to do this alone! Get everyone in on the signing fun! This will give your child more opportunities to practice! This will help you with getting them to babysit too because they will know what your child needs!) That’s why my in-laws are signing too!

10. Don’t’give up! Don’t get lazy!

*Sometimes, you will get discouraged (especially in the beginning) but hang in there! Your baby will sign back to you (eventually). Once your baby masters a few words, he or she will be encouraged to do more and more! It’s a snowball effect of signs and words! It will be worth it!

More signs, less frustration for you and your baby!

Come sign with me! 
This is my favorite sign! Micah signs pray as we get ready to thank Jesus for all His blessings! His cue to sign pray is when we say "Dear Jesus" or "let's pray".

This is my favorite sign! Micah signs pray as we get ready to thank Jesus for all His blessings! His cue to sign pray is when we say “Dear Jesus” or “let’s pray”.

Micah has to sign "All Done" before he can be excused from the table.

Micah has to sign “All Done” before he can be excused from the table.

Micah signs “water” as he asks for a glass of water at the dinner table.


Micah’s favorite mealtime signs!


Our CHEAT SHEET! These are the flash cards my husband uses during breakfast.

I have one set upstairs and one set by the dining room! :)

I have one set upstairs and one set downstairs!

Rachel! She's a mom of 2 and the founder of Signing Time! We watch her on TV!

Rachel! She’s a mom of 2 and the founder of Signing Time! We watch her on TV!

I use this book as my sign dictionary during reading time. It has a lot of easy to follow signs for everyday things.

I use this book as my sign dictionary during reading time. It has a lot of easy to follow signs for everyday words.


Productive Playtime = A Wipes Dispenser and Some Squares

Ironically, Micah got some nice, expensive, noisy and colorful toys during Christmas, but he preferred playing with the boxes and the wrapping paper. Can anyone else relate to this?!   If you are looking for a productive playtime activity that will last you through a couple of stages in your child’s development, I’ve got one for you.  With your empty wipes dispenser you can make a toy that is inexpensive, reusable and educational!

Chris had walked away to grab something from the kitchen and when he walked back, he noticed that Micah was unusually quiet (Micah often talks to himself while playing on his mat).  This is what he saw:

tissue box

YES.  Micah emptying out our tissue box and loving it!  Look at his concentration!  Secretly, I have been waiting for this moment because I remember excitedly going to Joanne’s (a fabric store) after Halloween and picking out shimmery, velvety and fluffy fabrics on sale (thanks to the super moms who make costumes for their kids) to put this project together. I already had an empty wipes dispenser and I just needed a variety of cut out cloth squares to put in it to complete our new toy. Voila! Here it is!


Micah’s activity box!

After the stunt he pulled with emptying out our tissue box, I realized he was finally ready for this activity. He was going to learn a couple of skills through playing and I was excited to finally get to show him what I have put together. Pulling the various cloths will teach him how to improve his fine motor development. Feeling the various textures, his tactile “discrimination” (when a child uses his 5 senses to learn and experience the world around him) will be heightened.  By learning to open and close the lid, his little fingers will develop stronger muscles and also improve his eye-hand coordination. Who knew a child could learn so much with this box? Not only is this entertaining, it is also stimulating and productive.

In the beginning, he had a difficult time pulling the squares out so I helped him by sticking a tiny piece out.  His curiosity and excitement grew as he began to pull out the first square, then the second, then the third…etc.  He was surprised that they were all different.  He felt the different textures and quickly became engaged.  He picked them up, felt them, ate them, stretched some and waved them around.  Interestingly, sometimes, he would even pick up two different squares, one in each hand, and compare them.  He played with the squares for quite some time.  Just when we were getting ready to put the squares away, I popped the lid and he got excited, again!  The activity continued toward opening and closing the lid.  Literally, we were both engaged in this activity for almost half an hour – his attention was on the box and my attention was on him. It was fascinating for me to watch my son so contented with a box- a used wipes dispenser.  I paused and realized how simple life was for him. He didn’t care about the price, he didn’t care that it wasn’t fancy or even the fact that it was used. He was just enjoying the moment. The purity of his contented heart made me smile. I pray that he will always find joy in the little things life has to offer. I pray that he will be contented with what God provides…even if it’s just a box. I can’t wait to go and get more cloths so I can switch them out and surprise him! I hope your child enjoys this activity as much as mine did! 🙂 Have fun and get shopping!


This is all you need!

What you will need:

Wipes dispenser

A variety of cloths cut into squares


1. Use up the wipes and dry out the dispenser.

*Huggies make cute containers and the little “door”/ lid is easy to open. The rubber opening is also allows their little hands to go through without getting hurt.*


2. Collect fabric pieces and cut them into squares. If you have old towels or T-shirts, you can use those too. If not, head to a fabric store and cut some out. It’s very inexpensive.

*For younger children (6 months-3 years old), find fabrics with different textures, so not only do they feel different but they also look different.  ex: corduroy, velvet, cotton, silk etc. This makes them excited to see what is coming up next!

*for older children: you can find scraps of different patterned fabrics with different colors.


3. Choose 4-5 cloth squares. Don’t get over excited and put all of your different fabrics in because you don’t want it to get boring. Instead, rotate your fabrics every once in a while. This keeps the box exciting and mysterious.

4. Put them inside the box.

5. Present it to your child. You can help him/her by pulling a little piece out if his/her little hands can’t reach in yet. Teach them how to pull it out. Let the fun begin!


Having lots of fun!

Baby Foodie!

Solid food solutions and turn your babies into home cooked foodies! 

Beginning solid food is one of the great milestones of the first year of life. It is one of those subjects that every mommy (grandma and aunt) has an opinion about. According to a book I read, just a generation or two ago, babies started on solids at 6 weeks. YES! 6 weeks! I was shocked too. At 6 weeks, Micah and I just finally figured breast feeding out. But now, thank God the advice has changed. Most experts recommend exclusively breast feeding or formula feeding for the first several months. Some moms start at 4 months and some at 6. I waited till Micah was 6 months before I started. I had no clue about solids at all! My friends told me to watch for Micah’s cues but I had no idea what I should look for. I quickly read some books and looked online (thank you Google) and started observing Micah. On his 6th month birthday, my husband and I gave him his first taste of solid food. The expressions on his face were priceless! We laughed but struggled as we powered through a few spoonfuls of sweet potato. I knew we couldn’t live on sweet potato alone but luckily I had the 3 day rule to give me time to find other alternatives. What is the 3 day rule? When you introduce a new food, feed it to your baby for at least 3 days before you introduce another new food. IF your family has allergic tendencies, you can extend the testing period to 5 or 7 days. This gradual approach makes it easier to identify the culprit if there is any problem. My cousin (who is an amazing mother of 3) was kind enough to give me ideas of what I could make. Yam, potatoes and peas were some easy ones I began with. As Micah started to eat more, I realized I had to be more creative. I started combining veggies and watching for his reactions. So far, he has liked every single combination I’ve made. (Thank you Lord! I hope it stays this way.) 

Here are a few of my reasons for making homemade baby food. 

1. I wanted to prime his palate for a lifetime of healthy eating. By making it at home, I know exactly what goes into the food. 

2. It is more versatile because I can make it as thick and as chunky as he can handle. I realized early on that he didn’t like it when the food was pureed too much. 

3. It is more nutritious and varied. Jarred baby food is heated to high temperatures during processing. This destroys certain heat-sensitive vitamins than ordinary cooking does. By being able to choose my ingredients, I can also mix and match what I make for him. 

My cousin advised me to start by giving him jarred food when I first tried solids. This way, if he didn’t like it, I won’t feel so bad and I won’t waste what I made. (I AGREE & I would give the same advice!) She also told me, after he tastes your cooking, he won’t like eating out of a jar anymore. I am not a very good cook, but according to Micah, I think I’ve won Top Chef! He really doesn’t like jarred food anymore. Sometimes I want him to because it is a lot more convenient especially when we are traveling. 

But for parents who enjoy cooking and eating home cook meals, there is no reason to exclude your baby! Start exposing him to the food he will soon enjoy with rest of the family. I know making baby food does take time and energy. But by cooking in batches and freezing, you can make it nearly as convenient as jarred! Hand blenders are the best! They are so easy to use and so easy to clean! IF you have a steamer, it is best to use it but if you don’t, a pot of boiling water works just fine. Rules on refrigerating and freezing: Refrigerated food is good for up to 3 days and frozen food is good for up to 3 months.  

Here are some of our favorites. (They actually taste pretty good even without salt!) 

6 Months 


First Food Encounter at 6 months

1. Sweet Pea Puree

Boil the peas (fresh or frozen) in a pot. 5-7 minutes for fresh peas; 3 minutes for thawed frozen peas. Remove the peas and rinse them quickly to stop cooking. Puree the peas until smooth. Add the cooking liquid (it contains the nutrients!), breast milk or formula to thin pea puree to the consistency your baby can handle. Store or serve…your choice! 


All Hail the Butternut Squash







2. Winter Squash Puree (Micah’s absolute favorite) 

Preheat the oven to 350F. With a heavy and sharp knife (and all your might), cut the squash in half. Scrape out the seeds and strings. Put the squash cut side down in the baking pan. Pour water into the pan to come 1/4 inch up to the side of the squash. Put it in the over for 45minutes to 1 hour-depending on the size or until it is tender. (you can check by piercing it with a fork) Let it cool. Scoop out the flesh and puree it until smooth. Add water, breast milk or formula to the consistency of your choice. Store or Serve! 

 7-8 Months


Butternut squash puree

1. Whipped Cauliflower and Broccoli 

Trim the cauliflower/ broccoli and cut into similar sized florets. Put them in a pot with cold water to cover. Put the lid on the pot, bring it to boil over medium heat. Boil/ steam until they are tender (about 7 mins). Be careful not to overcook it or they will fall apart. Drain. While it is still hot, puree them until they are smooth and creamy. Again, you can use the water that you boiled them in.  Store or Serve! 

2. Carrots, corn and potato (Micah’s favorite) 

Saute the onion for a minute. Add the carrots and saute for 5 minutes. Add the potatoes, cover with water and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. Add the corn and continue to cook for 5 minutes. Puree them and add the water used again. Store or Serve!  *food fact: corn is a good source of beta-carotene and fiber* 

9 Months

1. Fish fillet with vegetables (He loves fish!) 

Cook the carrots in boiling water for 15 minutes. Add the (frozen) peas and cook for 5 more or until the veggies are tender. (you can use other veggies too) Put the fish in a pan (you can add milk). Simmer for 3-4 minutes or until the fish is cooked. Drain the veggies and mix the flaked fish. Blend to a puree to your desired consistency. 

2. Chicken with Tofu and Kale (I liked it too!) 


Chicken, tofu & kale with carrots, corn, peas and potato

Cook the ground chicken in a saucepan. Chop up the tofu into cubes. Drain out the excess fat. Add the tofu and the kale into the pan once the chicken is cooked. Saute them together. Puree it to your desired consistency, use the water from the pan. Store or Serve!

*With the chicken, tofu and kale recipe, I also added some corn, carrots and peas into it and he loved it!




I hope you enjoy making some of these and your babies will like them too! Feel free to share your recipes with me! 

* I realized I should have taken better food pictures! Sorry! 



A Mat, A Mirror and A Coffee Table

Welcome to our Montessori Living Room

You can set up your own Montessori living room with just a mat, a mirror and a coffee table! I am a firm believer of the Montessori method so I decided to try and create an environment that encourages independence in our home. I believe that you can equip your child by creating a safe place for him and then giving him the freedom to explore on his own. It’s really simple! All you need is a mat or blankets, a mirror (the one I use the full length mirror from Target…the ones they put on sale for college kids!) and a coffee table or a low shelf where your child can reach for his own toys. I just used my the bottom half of  our coffee table and placed 4-5 of the toys he can choose from. You can also the cube boxes (again from Target) and lay them on their sides so your child can reach in to grab a toy. My friend lent me this awesome mat. Otherwise I would have used blankets and laid them out or a huge rug. (Ikea usually have good ones) 🙂


There’s the mirror, the mat and the bottom shelf of the coffee table with 4-5 toys to choose from.


items on the shelfImageI use the cube box to hold his books.


the mat, the mirror and the cube

I didn’t think Micah would quite understand the concept of taking a toy from the shelf and playing with it. But I wanted to give it a shot. My son was about 4 months old when I started showing him how to do it. I would hand him a toy from the shelf while he was looking at the shelf during tummy time. When he was around 5 months and rolling around, I noticed he would “roll” himself towards the shelf but when he would reach for a toy, he would get frustrated because he wouldn’t be able to get it off the shelf. I would usually tell him I would help him and hand him the toy. We would practice this every day during tummy time. When he learned how to crawl, everything changed! As his legs got stronger, his arm muscles did too! Whenever I would put him down on the mat, he would prop himself up and crawl towards the shelf. He would look through the items on the shelf and carefully make his selection! haha It took him a few tries but last week, he just reached over and grabbed a toy by himself! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it! I made him do it a couple more times because it was really fascinating to me! He didn’t think it was very cool though because I would put the toy back and move him farther away and then have him work his way back and do everything again! I just wanted to catch it on video! It was pretty cool to watch him gravitate towards the shelf and even pause (like he is choosing which toy he wants) before reaching for it. By the way, it always ends up in his mouth! (I do a wipe down of the mat, the toys and the shelf after his activities because he is a drool machine!) He is trying to reach for the books now but I think it’s still a little challenging but I can’t wait to see what he will do next!


Micah crawls towards the wall and tries to reach the toy!


Micah independently gets his toy! Great job buddy!

Guess what! You don’t have to wait till he is bigger to set this up! I used the mirror and mat set up since Micah was a newborn. Tummy time and reading time would happen here! He would entertain himself by looking in the mirror. The mirror helps the baby focus, track images and explore what his/ her face can do! Not to mention that it promotes social and emotional development as he/ she interacts with you. You can introduce your baby to the different parts of his/ her face and by touching his nose, stroking his hair or kissing his cheeks. Even though he/she may not know what these words mean, it delights him/her to just interact with you. 🙂


Micah was only a few days old in this picture but he was already checking himself out!


Micah was around 3 months in this picture.

Hope you have fun setting up your living room for your little one!

A Labor Story

The most intense 3 hours and 45 minutes of my life happened on April 27,2012. But everyday that I look back, I know I would go through it all over again because it was all worth it.

ImageI was 40 weeks and 3 days and our little Micah was cooking in the oven a little over due. I had a doctor’s appointment that morning (Thursday) and I was 4cm dilated. My OB told me it was going to happen anytime…today, tomorrow or over the weekend. I drove to our new house to check out the carpets that were going to be installed, drove my aunt and my mom back to their hotel in downtown SF, drove myself home and waited for Chris to get home. I had a feeling I was going to deliver soon so i kept walking to try to induce labor. I honestly couldn’t wait to get him out! hahaha Chris and I decided we would go the mall that night so we could walk more and while we were shopping, we were also praying I would go into labor that night! :)
God answered our prayer! I started contractions that went on every 5 mins at 2:45 am.  I decided to walk around the house since the pain wasn’t bad at all. Our desire was for me to deliver at Kaiser San Francisco not only because it was a great hospital but also because Chris was born there too. We wanted a first like father, like son experience. haha But we knew we would have to take a risk because there was a chance that I would have to share a post delivery room with someone else because they were always packed. I finally decided to call the hospital at 3:45 am and true enough…they told me they were full and I had to share a room if I decided to come anyway. I didn’t mind..but we prayed and asked God to be in every detail including the smallest ones such as room assignments. Hey! If He can create babies, a room in a hospital is a simple request! :) We got to hospital around 5 since we picked my mom and my aunt up at their hotel. I even put some foundation in the car because I didn’t want to look too pale for the pictures. (I know…I was vain!) We waited for about an hour before they finally admitted me. I was just sit-rolling on a birthing ball while my husband patiently massaged my back. At that point, I started to feel some back labor. When they finally checked me…my BP was starting to shoot up and I was 5CM dilated. Once I got settled in the triage room, my nightmare began! I started feeling horrible back labor, this caused my BP to increase rapidly. The nurse quickly asked (she kind of insisted) and suggested that I got some pain meds or even the epidural. Because my BP was getting higher and higher I was at risk of preclampsia. This is a disorder that only occurs in pregnant women when their blood pressure gets really high and it can cause seizure or stroke. The nurses were pushing for me to have an epidural because they said I wouldn’t last till 12 or 1pm, which is how long labor is typically for the first baby. But stubborn o’ me decided I could do it. I told Chris, my mom and my aunt that we will pray because I will not wait till 12 noon to deliver this baby! It was way too long!!! I was going to pass out because my back labor was so intense. I claimed that God could make this miracle happen!
At 8 am I was 8cm! The doctors were so surprised! It was because of my Direct Line to heaven! They asked me after 5 minutes if i wanted them to break my water bag…and I yelled YES!!!  And minutes later I was at 10 and ready to push! I was in so much pain, BP was racing and my back was killing me!!! The nurses and doctors were amazed at the progress of my labor and dilation to push and rest and everything in between… All we did was pray! I don’t know where else I could have gotten the strength and endurance to get through it. My BP was now super high and Micah’s heart rate was dropping. By God’s grace he came out when he did because we were both in critical condition at that point but God’s loving hands pulled us through! A mom does know the right time to “push” when you really have to! Micah had to be vacuumed out at the last second because his heart rate was dropping way too fast while my BP was shooting off the roof and I was really in bad condition. But thank God because I don’t think I could have lasted another minute! It was the longest 45 minutes of my life! It was really only by the grace of God!!! It was such an awesome God-depending experience. Truly it was God’s hand upon my pregnancy, with my accident at 34 weeks, my crazy labor experience and now, my son’s life. :D  In the end… We got through 4 hours of labor and 45 mins of pushing!
I can’t express how much joy I have to be able to experienced it with Jesus! I had to focus on one thing the whole time and for some reason Blessed Be Your Name was the song I sang! I pushed for 45 mins… but on the “last set” of pushing… God told me to sing Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! And after 3 big pushes with this song going through my head….at 9:03am..with the help of a vacuum our son was born…crying and healthy with his little cheeky eyes open!!! My BP stabilized and I was back to normal in a matter of seconds. :DI knew we were both in critical condition because i heard the doctors say: This is was an acute emergency and that we need to get him out! She is going to have a stroke or a seizure. I remembered pushing with all my heart…then that first cry was the best noise I ever heard! I delivered him with a BP of 190/187. Crazy high! Everything I went through just reminded me that our lives are truly gifts from God and everything is in God’s hands! I couldn’t have done it without Him! No pain meds or epidural…but only  an overdose of the Grace and Strength of my Creator!!!
Praise God for He is the Giver of Life!!! Micah means he who is like the Lord! We pray that he will grow up to reflect his name and bring glory to God in every way! My husband was such an amazing birth coach and my mom’s constant prayers by my ears helped me get through it! I was so thankful my husband was by my side the whole time. The second Micah came out, Chris yelled OH MY GOSH about 5x at the top of his lungs and he kept saying great job babe!! He’s beautiful! He’s here!!! AHHHH!!!! It was such a relief!!! It was awesome to have him and my mom encouraging me the whole time. My aunt was outside praying for us made our miracle even more special! God is truly wonderful in every way! We stand in awe!
And oh, about the room sharing situation (such a little detail in the larger scheme of things but overwhelming such a great blessing as well) we were told an hour before we were going to get discharged from the labor room to the recovery room, the nurse told us that we had to share a room because they were full. Chris and I looked at each other and we prayed. We prayed and thanked God for the wonderful experience and asked him to do us another favor and give us our own room. The second (literally!) before they were going to wheel me up to the recovery floor, our nurse received a call from the reception desk and she said, oh someone just checked out, they have a private room for you! WOW! Chris and I looked at each other and we knew…God answered! What a great blessing it is to have God on our side!!! Chris got special treatment from the nurses too because they all liked him a lot and brought him meals and coffee everyday! (even though the other dads didn’t get it haha) Talk about God in every detail! We are just so thankful!
I know this is a super long story but it’s just amazing and I can’t help but share every detail of how amazing our God is and we just want to give HiM the glory! We rejoice in His precious gift! We pray that as we journey through parenthood with Micah, we will faithfully raise him up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
I really encourage moms out there to write your birth story. It’s a great memory and a great experience to share because each of us has our own and it’s unique, special and beautiful. :)
He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God.