Meet the Hippomum

I’m Diane, a proud wife to a loving husband who is an attorney by day and golfer by night and a mom to two wonderful boys.
I am an AMI trained Montessori teacher with a Masters in Early Childhood Education. I have taught as Primary head teacher for 2.5-6 year olds and 6-9 year olds for several years. But after I got pregnant with our older son Micah, my husband and I decided that for this season in our lives, it is best that I stay home and take care of him full-time.

Twenty-two months later, we were blessed with another beautiful baby boy, Titus. img_0085

I have embraced this season of my life joyfully yet there are days that I find myself asking the Lord for an extra dose of grace to get me through the day. Every day I see a glimpse of God’s goodness and the glory of heaven through the little details in my life. As I write, I pray that my readers will find each visit as an encounter with Christ. Whether I write about a personal experience, helpful marriage or parenting tips or sweet encounters with Christ, I pray that you will be encouraged and that the spotlight will shine on Christ and He will be glorified. I write based on what I have learned and what I am learning along the way. As my husband and I strive to raise our boys in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, I pray that these entries will bless your heart as well. Our foremost desire as parents is to invest in our children and provide them with a home that embraces the love of Christ as its foundation. Join me as I navigate through the journey of marriage and motherhood with God as my navigator, the bible as our map, my husband as my co-captain and my boys as my passengers.

chris & d



19 thoughts on “Meet the Hippomum

  1. i can totally relate to all the fast changes/transitions…i’m so glad you’re sharing your thoughts in the blog world!! looking foward to following!!

  2. Hi diane! really wish you can stay in Manila with us but I know that’s not an option for now… Thanks to technology… your mentoring can still go on through this blog. =) Can’t thank you enough for all your help. You’re truly a God-sent angel to us.

  3. Hi. I am really blessed to stumble upon your blog. I am actually looking for someone who can help me with homeschooling my kids the Montessori way. My eldest daughter is now a Casa 1 at a Montessori school but my husband would want to homeschool my two kids. However, I am not confident if id be able to implement montessori method at home since i dont have any montessori training and i dont know any umbrella school offering montessori method here in the philippines. If it is not much of a burden for you, i will be really happy to hear from you through email.

    Thanks so much. Continue blessing the other moms. God bless!

  4. Hi! didnt receive any reply in the email from you. I was just waiting for your reply that’s why I dint bother to message you too πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi Diane! I read that you will be giving a talk tomorrow at CCF Tiendesitas. I’m planning to attend that (though not sure if we can make it by 8am). I have a child with special needs and I read that Montessori for children with special needs would be your focus for the talk. I hope to learn a lot from you and I hope we can just “walk-in” since we didn’t know where to pre-register. Thank you!

    • I sincerely apologize for not checking my email sooner and I missed your message!!! I hope you were able to make it. I’m
      So sorry!!! I will be having 2 more feb 17 and feb 25 in CCF MAKATI πŸ™‚

    • So sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you before! I read this only now! ;( I hope you were able to make it! If not there is another one Feb 25, in CCF Makati in A venue! πŸ™‚ Hope to see you there!

  7. Hi Dianne!

    Chanced upon your blog thru the homeschoolers page in facebook, is homeschooling the montessori way the topic of your talk in ccf makati? How can i register for event?

    Many thanks!

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